ALPHA CERTIFICATION SERVICES is a South African company, established in 2001 to provide a certification service to industry within Southern Africa. (SANAS accredited) 

(Reg. No: 2002/000171/23)

The company’s head office is based in Centurion, just south of Pretoria and with auditors located in major cities/towns we are able to provide an effective service throughout South Africa.

Unlike many other certification bodies,  Alpha Certification Services only provides a certification service rather than an ‘add on’ to an inspection or laboratory function. We focus on a practical, business orientated attitude by using auditors with practical experience in their industry, who understand that management systems are suited to the needs of organisations, not that of the auditor. The management of Alpha Certification Services has many years of experience in the Quality Management field and therefore can relate to the needs and expectations of organizations. This includes the need to provide a quality service, at cost-effective rates.

Alpha Certification Services has controls in place to ensure impartiality and conflict of interest throughout all of the audit stages and in the final decision regarding certification. An independent impartiality committee has been established to advise on matters affecting confidence in conflict of interests, certification, the impartiality of audits, certification and decision making processes.

Alpha Certification Services is a member of the South African Association Certificated Bodies (SAACB). 

About the Southern African Association of Certification Bodies

The SAACB was founded in May 1998 and is an industry association of certification bodies – the primary requirement for full membership being that the certification body is accredited and that all members agree to abide by a professional code of conduct. Associate membership is available to those certification bodies who are actively seeking and have applied for accreditation or other organizations that support the work of the SAACB.

The Association meets quarterly to discuss matters of interest in the certification community with the mission of promoting accredited certification in Southern Africa. The Association covers personnel, product and management system certification.

Although based in South Africa, members operate in Southern Africa or the Indian Ocean Islands. The SAACB is a  registered Section 21 organization not for profit company (NPC).  Professional competition is promoted to ensure that the client receives value in the certification process.

SAACB members offer accredited certification against the requirements of many national and international standards including:

  • Quality Management Systems – ISO 9001

  • Environmental Management Systems – ISO 14001

  • Health and Safety Management Systems – ISO 45001

If you have any further queries or require clarification on any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact us at 081 378 4006 or office@alphacs.co.za